Friday, March 10, 2006


When we read Liam Gallagher's words of wisdom about the England football team, we assumed for a moment we were listening to one of those reruns on BBC7 from the 1940s or something. But, no, he is using 'gay' as an insult in 2006:

“At times the England players seem to play like women. Beckham and others, they’re gay boys.”

Mind you, he was obviously off his head on something, as he also claimed Oasis were the best band in the world:

“Oasis might not be the biggest band in the world but we’re the best.

“I respect the Stones but their songs are a pile of crap.

“As for U2, they don’t say a lot or seem like normal persons.”

Now, we can just about see why he might need to tell himself that Oasis are the best - we imagine there are times when even Peter Fenn would look in a mirror and say "yes, I am the best" before bashing on his organ. But how on earth can you say U2 "don't say a lot"? Has he missed this month's Bono press conferences? Or last month's chat show appearances? Or the previous month's profit forec... oh, no, he doesn't do that one in public, does he?

Liam Gallagher is currently waiting to have a TV pilot filmed in his living room. That's normal persons for you.

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Anonymous said...

C'est bien trop facile de critiquer, juger, et attaquer des gens quand ils ne sont pas présent pour se deffendre! Pauvre idio, laisse dont Liam Gallagher tranquil, il a déja assez de problèmes comme ça!
Et j'affirme devant tout le monde, et surtout les merdeux dans ton genre, Oasis est le plus grand groupe du monde, j'affirme aussi que Liam est le plus grand chanteur, et compositeur que cette Terre ait porté!
Merci, et maintenant je te laisse t'introspecter ridicule larve!

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