Sunday, January 07, 2007

Diaz dumped

One of the more interesting sights of 2006 was the Justin Timberlake return, which kind of blew it for him: oh, sure, he sold loads, but the actual quality was lacking more than a little bit. In fact, watching him in George Michael stubble and Ted Moult's hat trilling on about how he and he alone was bringing "sexy" in some way "back" we did wonder if he'd decided his new direction was some sort of stab at a Russ Abbot comedy character. Clearly, Timbo wasn't quite as cool as we'd all hoped he would be.

Likewise, watching the adverts she did for Nestle's L'Oreal make-up outfit, her smug and charmless demonstration of "I am earning a fortune here, look at me" suggested that Scarlett Johansson might not be quite as cool as we'd all been led to believe.

It's perhaps inevitable, then, that Cameron Diaz has been dumped to allow Timberlake and Johansson to get together and compare their latest contracts.