Sunday, January 07, 2007

The empire's outposts at war

Rupert is delightedThe Sun and the News of the World are sister papers. But then, so were Jane and Blanche Hudson. Following on from an exciting year where the News was accused of pinching Sun stories and one of their journalists was apparently eavesdropping on Sun editor Rebekah Wade's mobile phone calls (the horror of hearing Grant from Eastenders grunting sweet nothings can only be imagined), the NOTW is now doing our job and snorting with disdain at the blotchy job done by the Sun's writers.

Earlier in the week, you'll recall, The Sun reported that Pete and Kate had got married in a "bizarre Buddhist ceremony."

Today, The News of the World knocks down the story:

Phuket locals are convinced they have the answer.

One explained: "There's a custom to hold a beachside blessing for soulmates — a spiritual bonding, with scattered flowers and incense."

Perhaps the Sunday paper sees itself as the daily's Corrections and Clarifications column.