Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Charlotte Church: Michael Parkinson was well out of order

Charlotte Church has tutted that Michael Parkinson asked her about shagging:

"Michael Parkinson asked me, 'How's your sex life?' I said, 'Mr Parkinson, are you serious?' He went, 'Oh, sorry, I shouldn't have asked that'. "Damn right he shouldn't," the Welsh star said, "he's old enough to be my grandad."

We're not quite sure how much younger Parky would have had to be for it to be alright - or, indeed, why the question was so far out of line when she, erm, has been threatening to write a sex guide.

Charlotte, you see, believes that there are lines over which interviewers should not step:
"The producers suggest questions - 'Ask Ashlee Simpson about the plastic surgery rumours' I go, 'No, she's 22.

"If she's had plastic surgery [a rumoured nose job], it would have been because she's so insecure. I'm not going to bring that up.'"

Which might be fair enough, were it not for three things. First, having your nose replaced by a totally different nose isn't exactly a secret, what with it being as plain as the, well, nose on your face. It's not the sort of thing that you do if you don't want people to admire it.

Secondly, Simpson's hypocritical pronouncements in Marie Claire about how you should you shoud love yourself for what you are, made while having the appointment with Doctor Newnose already pencilled in, would more than make it fair game for an interview - after all, since she's been caught out churning out positive-sounding stuff in the media, shouldn't an interviewer ask why anyone should believe a word she says?

Thirdly, and most importantly, Simpson had already been talking about the nosejob elsewhere on her promo tour - something the producers of the programme would have known, even if Church didn't.

Fair enough, The Charlotte Church Show isn't Newsnight, but Church has made it clear that there's no point whatsoever in watching, as guests are going to be treated to the softest ride of their lives. Not Newsnight? It's not even Davina.