Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Robbie Williams is not forgotten

Here's quite an exclusive from Victoria Newton:

ROBBIE WILLIAMS is back in TAKE THAT — it must be true because TONY BLAIR told me.

Kidding! She's kidding!
OK, maybe not. But Robbie has been named in the band on the Government’s official website.

Actually - under a long-standing deal - Williams is still officially one of the co-owners of the trademark and so still appears in the new particulars. It doesn't mean that he's "in" the That anymore than owning shares in Spurs would mean you were playing for them next Saturday. Not that it's going to stop Newton seeing this as significant:
But let’s hope it leaves the door open for Robbie to come Back For Good.

Well, even if there was some reason that not being a registered owner of a trademark was going to cause problems with any reunion - "put the guitar down, you've not got a tiny R in a circle tattooed on your buttocks" - let's hope it doesn't, as the readdition of Williams to the band would inevitably make them unwatchable.


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