Friday, April 20, 2007

Won't someone please think of the children?

Victoria Newton again, I'm afraid. She's outraged at something to do with Pete Doherty's Camden Crawl appearance.

Pete managed six songs before having a ho-hum, let's wreck the equipment retro fit. Or, as Victoria has it:

PETE DOHERTY hurled a speaker and stormed off stage yesterday — in full view of KATE MOSS and her young daughter.

Goodness. And?
Kate and four-year-old LILA GRACE, who were dancing beside the stage throughout, were then ushered into the dressing room after Pete.

I cannot imagine the venue or its backstage would be an appropriate playroom for a little girl.

Well, probably not. But an afternoon gig, accompanied by her mother, isn't such a very bad place, is it? It's similar to those tours of the Cadbury factory - a chocolate manufacturing plant isn't an appropriate playroom for a child, but that doesn't mean it's a place they shouldn't visit.


DJ Samba said...

I also imagine a 50 cigarettes a day coke taking unhealthily thin super model would be an appropriate mother for a child. But where's the complaining about that?

Strange world... Maybe i'm just bitter because I missed out on Camden Crawl tickets. :(

Unknown said...

A past-his-best song and dance man going through a matinee performance of all his old routines, in a funny outfit - isn't it just panto season come early for the little one?

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