Saturday, July 07, 2007

Johnny Borrell - he'll tell us what to do

Johnny Borrell and the Johnny Borrell Band are on at the moment - he's taken the 'wear a sweater' message to his heart, by actually wearing a top on stage today. Odd choice to do "In The Morning" - with its suggestion that whatever happens today will be forgotten almost as soon as it happens. And now America - which, besides pissing off the sort of average American who Gore needs to reach out to if this it to make any sort of success - also has the repeated refrain that there's nothing on the TV or radio worth believing in. Still, most people will just be gawping at the pretty dolphins behind his head, so that's alright, then.

Oh, Lord, he has just shouted "Wem-ber-leeeee... how you doin'", like Joey Tribiani fronting Bon Jovi.