Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moss on wood

The news that Kate Moss has gone to find shelter from Pete Doherty by moving in with Ronnie Wood is considered so important, while it appears under Newton's photo byline, it's accompanied by a separate writer's credit. It's Gordon Smart we have to thank for this glittering paragraph:

Recovering alcoholic Ron — who once drank eight pints of Guinness and two bottles of vodka a DAY — is raising her spirits as she gets over her bitter break-up with Pete.

Spirits! Bitter! Alcoholism can be fun!

So, what are they getting up to?
A source said: “Ronnie and Kate have a history of hellraising together so it’s unusual that they are having a quiet time together.

“Kate is washing her hair of Pete, and Ronnie and his wife Jo have been taking her mind off things.

“She has been friends with Ronnie for years. He is on the wagon and is great for her.”

So, Gordon doesn't really know, then. If ever we heard a desperate guess - "they'll be taking her mind off things"? At least he didn't add "they're probably watching television, or maybe DVDs."