Thursday, August 02, 2007

Doherty causes upset at The Sun

MeidaGuardian's monkey diary suggests that The Sun's jabbing at Pete Doherty following the Mirror's exclusive interview was nothing compared to the drubbing the paper's own staff were given:

Sun editor Rebekah Wade is understood to have sent a furious email to staff after the Daily Mirror's Pete Doherty interview scoop yesterday, when the singer begged supermodel Kate Moss to return to him. A fuming Wade sent the blistering missive asking which staff felt like resigning after picking up the Mirror and realising that they had been scooped. "You have all let me down" the email said, adding "you are a disgrace". Monkey wonders what such a dispatch has done for newsroom morale and is reminded of the old adage, never press the send button in anger.

Victoria Newton goes to the JobCentreWhat would Bizarre do in these circumstances? They'd probably get their "computer boffins" to mock up some sort of image suggesting what the future might be like for the staff who should have been securing the deal.

[Thanks to James Page]


Anonymous said...

We can only hope...

eyetie said...

Maybe it's a case of better the dumbass reporter you know vs the one you don't...

Anonymous said...

That email in full, as Monkey has now revealed:

From: Wade, Rebekah
Sent: 31 July 2007 12:30
To: Clench, James; France, Anthony; Brian Flynn; Hagan, Lucy; Hartley, Clodagh; Lazzeri, Antonella; Lister, Kathryn; Lorraine, Veronica; O'Shea, Gary; Parker, Nick; Peake, Alex; Syson, Neil; Wheeler, Virginia; Whitaker, Thomas; White, Richard; Smart, Gordon; Lawler, Danielle; Moult, Julie; Samson, Pete; Rothstein, Simon
Cc: Pharo, Chris; O'Driscoll, Ben; Edwards, John - The Sun; Newton, Victoria; Picton, Pete
Subject: Pete Doherty

How many of you woke up this morning, read the Daily Mirror and tendered your resignation?

Thanks mainly to a few brilliant journalists like John Kay and Tom Newton Dunn we have scooped the rest of fleet street week in week out this year with brilliant exclusives from Kate and Wills split to the Friendly Fire video.

But this morning you chose to hand The Mirror a gift wrapped exclusive. I have asked repeatedly "when will we get the Pete Doherty interview'?' because unless you have all lost any journalistic ability you ever had - it was pretty much a no-brainer to believe he was going to talk. It is the sloppiness not the size of the story that has compelled me to write this email. The lack of initiative and determination from reporters; photographers; news desk, picture desk and Bizarre to get this 'sitter' is totally astonishing. And when the story broke - we didn't even get it online until 10.30am.

Can anyone explain this aberration? Answers on a postcard please.

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