Monday, August 20, 2007

Radio One More Time: The Top 40

In forty days, Radio One celebrates its fortieth birthday. So does Radio 2, Radio 3 and Radio 4, but somehow the number 40 seems more significant for the pop network - being the arbitrary cut-off point where it loses interest in the best selling-singles chart, of course.

To mark the 40th birthday - and to make a rod for our own back - every day between now and the anniversary, we'll be running a mini-essay inspired by a Radio One feature, drawn mainly - although not exclusively - from the time when the network was the best of a handful of limited options for people who liked music.

In this post, we'll list the features as they go live
1. Fun At One
2. Playground
3. The Record Race
4. Skyman
5. Give Us A Break
6. The University Of Turmoil
7. Steve Wright's Fridays off
8. Five forty-fives link fixed
9. Walters' Week
10. Radio One Roadshow
11. First Love
12. The Old Record Club
13. Laura's First Love
14. Sessions
15. More Music Mondays
16. Which Way Now?
17. The charts
18. Specially recorded jingles
19. Studio B15
20. Bang Gotcha Junction
21. You'll Never Be 16 Again
22. Perkins Grange
23. Records by DJs
24. Junior Choice
25. Bird or Bloke?
26. Current Affairs
27. Those who also entertained
28. Pseudonyms
29. Christmas lunch at Grey Gables
30. Simulatneous Broadcasts
31. Twenty-Five Years Of Rock
32. Blue Jam
33. Sound City
34. 1FM
35. The Beatles A to Z
36. Johnny Beerling
37. Keeping It Peel
38. A King In New York
39. We can't play this
40. Goodbye

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Anonymous said...

Just a heads-up - BBC Four are repeating the R1 'Blood On The Carpet' doc right now. Definitely worth a look.

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