Saturday, September 15, 2007

Radio One More Time: Those who also entertained

Radio One has had, in its time, some unusual choices presenting programmes. Some were surprising and right, some surprising and wrong. Some were Kelly Osbourne.

Mark Ellen used to present occasionally, sitting in for Annie Nightingale, heralding his appearance with rhyming trailers. This was a good thing.

Emma Freud, for some reason, was in charge of the lunchtime programme for a ridiculously long time. We have a soft spot for Emma, but the one thing that spot is not is a two and half hour spot on a pop radio network.

Muriel Gray did a few swing shifts for Janice Long; we quite liked her, but Radio One at the time had problems with women doing radio, never mind Scottish women.

Tom Watt also did Night-time a few times - now that he's doing lots of football programming, it's not so odd, but when he was still Lofty off EastEnders, it felt wrong having him turning up to play Housemartins sessions.

Lenny Henry was recruited for some weekend work - we imagine the thinking was "an anarchic force in the mould of the young Kenny Everett". He wasn't bad, but he didn't stick around overlong.

Jamie Theakston turned up at One FM as part of the ongoing attempt to turn TV stars into radio personalities - while it worked with Zoe Ball, and people seem to have accepted Vernon Kay, Sara Cox and Fearne Cotton despite shows which can be as cold as Gazpacho Soup outdoors in Iceland - he was one who didn't take.

An even stranger presence, though, was Greg Proops, who we seem to remember having a crack at being Mark Radcliffe for a week or two. It turned out he really was at his best when Clive Anderson could sound a buzzer to get him to move on.

Tom Robinson was another "in for Janice" choice; his style, and introduction of Then Jericho and "the devastatingly handsome Mark Shaw" was encouraging, but felt a little off-key for Radio One. Still, Tom only had to wait another fifteen years or so for someone to invent 6Music to give him a home.

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James said...

Slightly off-topic, but is anyone else baffled by the choice of Chris Moyles to present Channel 4's Live Music Awards this week? Y'know, what with him being the only presenter on a music station who sees the music as an inconvenient interruption? Isn't that like asking Jamie Oliver to host the Bernard Matthews AGM?

simon h b said...

Isn't the VLMA less of a high-profile music awards ceremony, more a corporate for a phone company? They probably were going to get Willy Thorne before he got the strictly come dancing gig.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes.... Jamie Theakston. For some reason they used him as holiday cover for Mayo's show. I can still remember him making a complete hash of the Mystery Years each morning. And starting his weekend show with the theme from the bloody A Team every week. And shouting and sounding smug.

Perhaps bad fill-ins could be a topic? I can remember Judge Jules standing in for Goodier on the chart show one Sunday; he never got the call again.

I never heard this one but friends swear it happened - Westwood booked to cover a daytime show and only lasting half an hour? Scott Mills was piloted in and took over after the news....

That's not to say that all covers were bad though. Greg Proops was a bizarre choice but I can remember Mark Lamarr and John Peel looking after the Radcliffe show and making very enjoyable radio (as one would expect).

Then there was that week when Peel covered the unlamented Jakki Brambles' daytime show in 1993....

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