Sunday, September 23, 2007

Faye Dunaway offers Amy hideaway

We don't know what's more delicious about the Showbiz Zoe report where she details Faye Dunaway's offer to Amy Winehouse to stay with her. The not-knowing-who-the-husband thing is pure gold:

FAYE: "This industry can be really tough, you know. I think it is important to rest. I have a great house in America and I want you to know that you are welcome to come over whenever you want.

AMY: "Thanks."

FAYE: "Even if you are the strongest person in the world, being in London takes it out of you. I am going back to New York on Monday and I cannot wait. "When are you coming over to New York, Amy? And bring Ray [pointing to Blake].

BLAKE: "It's Blake."

Wonderfully, the conversation continues to flow as if it hardly matters that Ray thinks he's called Blake.

But better yet, I think, is the over-excited set-up Zoe has for the conversation:
Here's the conversation that I witnessed and overheard...

Witnessed and overheard. Zoe's so excited, it's almost like everything else she runs hasn't ever been witnessed or overheard by anyone before.