Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The on-off pregnancy

So, apparently, she hasn't miscarried at all: naturally, we know this because of Max Clifford:

"After further examination it has been revealed that Kerry Katona is still pregnant. Kerry went back into hospital for a medical procedure last night. "However, a blood test revealed surprising results - her pregnancy hormones had gone up, not down."

Mind you, Clifford did also once insist to the papers that Katona "does not take drugs and never has. It's totally untrue, total lies."


Laura Brown said...

Oh brother. Isn't this why women have traditionally waited three months to make the big announcement?

Jack said...

But most women don't get six figure fees for opening their gobs to tell of the slightest development of their pregnancy. Max Clifford will be wetting his pants.

I wouldn't be surprised if he orchestrated the whole pregnancy from the start. He couldn't get the Madeleine McCann gig, so he's got to get his smug face in the papers somehow.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Jack... when you say "from the start..." you don't mean... (goes to wash mental images off his mind)

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