Sunday, October 21, 2007

Divorce gets nasty again; NOTW thrilled

The horrifying prospect of the McCartneys settling their divorce differences amicably having receded, the tabloids have rushed to fill the vacuum with idle speculation. The News of the World is taking the lead:

ANGRY Paul McCartney has hit Heather Mills with a shock cut-price £23million now-or-never ultimatum in a bid to force a settlement in their bitter divorce.


The News of the World has discovered that in what could deliver a mortal blow to Macca's good-guy image, Heather plans to:

FILM a warts-and-all TV series for an American network laying bare her troubled years with the pop icon.

TELL ALL to television chat show queen Oprah Winfrey, revealing every detail about the reasons behind their traumatic split.

SIGN a multi-million-pound book contract to hit back at all the media stories about her vice shame past.

PUSH ahead with a deal for her OWN chat show in the US to cement her status as a rapidly-rising star over there.

A source in Heather's legal team said: "She is NOT ready to sign a confidentiality agreement."

Mind you, if she's flogging all those stories she probably should be offering financial support to Paul, not the other way round.

Mind you, how seriously should you take an article which includes this line:
Top legal brains predict that after slugging it out in court a judicial ruling could prove to be even more disappointing for Heather.

"Top legal brains" have been consulted, have they? Why, exactly, would they have chosen to remain off the record, exactly?

Still, there's good news for Heather: the News has repeated its claims that she was a hooker, which has refreshed the opportunity for her to sue the paper. If she so chose.