Monday, October 15, 2007

Pete Doherty and pals

That's the way to work your rehab pledge: Pete Doherty's had Amy Winehouse and Blake Cleaving-Desperate round to his place.

Meanwhile, Winehouse seems to be desperate to turn into a kind of John Gaunt figure in a beehive. Responding to a suggestion that she can't keep her mouth shut, like when she was a guest on Charlotte Church's programme:

“Why should I? If something troubles me, I speak my mind.

“That’s why they invite me.

“Church is an arrogant cow. And Bono isn’t much better. He thinks he’s God.”

Amy, love: they don't invite you to hear your forthright views - they invite you because they hope you'll turn up pissed, dance around in your knickers, and generate a lucrative clip that can be sold on alongside the Oliver Reed/After Dark and Tara Palmer Tomkinson/Frank Skinner bits.