Sunday, October 14, 2007

This week just gone

A week on No Rock & Roll Fun:

The ten most-read individual pages:

1. Lily Allen undressed
2. R Kelly on video, having sex, in court
3. RIP Dainton Connell
4. Sony BMG claims ripping your own CDs to your own PC is theft
5. Heather Mills removes clothes
6. McFly get naked in front of GAY crowd
7. Ronnie Hazlehurst never wrote for S Club 7
8. Beth Ditto stripped for NME
9. Edith Bowman naked for charity
10. Britney meltsdown at Video awards

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Also this week:
Harvey Goldsmith had little sympathy for Led Zep fans caught when ticket rules changed; Chantelle shared her heartbreak over her split from Preston as often as she could bear; Universal came up with yet another digital strategy while Radiohead moved the goalposts again; Britney Spears backed down from a chart battle with Celine Dion and John Lydon explained how The Sex Pistols stood against Thatcher - despite splitting before she came to power.

Five years ago:
Ian Brown ruled out a Stone Roses reunion; Ben Elton threatened a second Queen musical; Slipknot wasn't a happy place to be; Ride briefly reunited; Public Enemy pulled their European tour because of terrorism - not that they were scared, of course, but they were worried for their fans; and Ryan Adams threw out a fan when he tired of the 'Bryan Adams' joke.

The Fire Engines - everything, in one package

... and a three-box near-complete Stump package

David Shrigley's album-without-music finally gets some music and becomes, erm, an album

Robert Wyatt's ComicOpera arrives with Wyatt suddenly enjoying a critical resurgence

After all the leaky fuss, at last the Beirut album for real

Band Of Horses' Cease To Begin seems to be getting an unfair 'not quite as good as...' review consensus

Of course, you don't need to buy Sugababes' Change - just cherrypick the non-dreary singles

Pet Shop Boys: Disco 4, Brighton And Hove Albion 0

There's much more to Diana Dors than a cameo in an Alan Ant video

More lush BBC archive - Dusty Springfield springs from the vaults

Every episode of Quantum Leap, including the splendid Kiss-esque band one