Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ramalamalama fa-fa-fashion

Sian Pattenden makes some sport with Bobby Gillespie's sudden reinvention as a fashion model. She is, at least, polite enough to not mention that he's wearing a tie, nor wonder how posing for a fashion company's adverts squares with the whole "Bomb the Pentagon/Swasitka Eyes anti-military industrial complex is bad" Primal Scream worldview.

More suprisingly, Gillespie's co-option is accompanying the opening of two UNIQLO stores in London. We didn't know that that company - which, half a decade ago arrived in the UK with a string of openings followed, about six months laters, with a string of closings - was still going. Mind you, many people might say the same about Primal Scream.


Anonymous said...

There was a Uniqlo store in Leicester. I think I was the only person who shopped there. In Japan they're kind of a cross between Primark and Muji.

Anonymous said...

Primark in its more recent, more fashionable incarnation, maybe. Not really like Muji - Uniqlo doesn't do furniture and housewares and food and everything else. Uniqlo clothes are nicer and more colourful, too. (I was a devotee of Uniqlo when I lived in Japan.) But yes, I was surprised to see this launch, given that I recall Uniqlo opening shops in the UK a few years back.

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