Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Comes Back: Valete

As part of our round-up of the year, this is the full list of obituaries we've run in 2007:

Ben Aulds, punk & ska guitarist
Richard Bell, keyboards, The Band
Lady Jaye Breyer P Orridge, samplist, Psychic TV
Nidge Blitz, guitarist, Blitz
Pimp C, rapper, Underground Kingz
Casey Calvert, guitarist, Hawthorne Heights
Jamie Coe, singer and promoter
Dainton Connell, Pet Shop Boys management team
Denny Doherty, songwriter, The Mamas and the Papas
Brad Delp, singer, Boston
Joe Dolan, singer
Kevin DuBrow, singer, Quiet Riot
Evan Farrell, bassist
Dan Fogelberg, singer-songwriter
Paul Fox, guitarist, The Ruts
Kevin Greening, presenter, Radio One
Terry Hall, presenter and ventriloquist
Ronnie Hazlehurst, theme tune writer
Lee Hazlewood, presenter, producer, songwriter and solo artist
Kelly Johnson, guitarist, Girlschool
Buck Jones, country singer
Mitch Karczewski, Cleveland promoter
Witold 'Vitek' Kietyka, drummer, Decapitated & Panzer X
Sneaky Pete Kleinow, guitarist, Flying Burrito Brothers
Hilly Kristal, founder, CBGBs
Frankie Laine, singer
Randy Parker Hubbard, stepson of KRS-One
Jimmy Pascoe, charity busker
Luciano Pavarotti, operatic tenor
Bobby 'Boris' Pickett, novelty hit singer
John Pike, drummer, Ra-Ra Riot
Rod Poole, guitarist
Paul Raven, bassist, Killing Joke
Carol Richards, singer
Linda Stein, Ramones manager
Mark StJohn, guitarist, Kiss
Pepsi Tate, bassist, Tigertailz
Tony Thompson, singer, Hi-Five
Ike Turner, producer, singer, musician
U-nee, singer
Paul Wasserman, publicist
Donda West, manager and mother to Kanye West
Tony Wilson, founder, Factory Records, In The City & music TV presenter
Ernie Woo, Liverpool promoter

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