Sunday, March 25, 2007

Movieobit: Carol Richards

The death of Carol Richards has been announced.

Richards was, effectively, one of the first American Idols, owing her fame to victory in a singing competition organised by Bob Hope. Taken under Hope's wing, Richards carved out a niche dubbing singing voices onto film parts for other actresses. She also appeared in her own right, often singing opposite Hope or Crosby. One of her appearances with Crosby, in the Lemon Drop Kid, gave her a theme tune. Silver Bells, a duet with Bing, remains a festive staple in the US. Her singing career came to an end after her fifth marriage to Edward Swiedler in 1966. Unlike her first four, which had ended in death or, more often, divorce, the marriage to Swiedler proved durable.

Richards was 84; she died of heart disease in Florida.