Monday, March 19, 2007

Countryobit: Buck Jones

The country singer Buck Jones has been killed in a road accident, apparently caused by a drunk driver.

Jones released his debut album, Lucky Star, in 2005 and was slowly building a following across Tennessee and through Texas. It was in the Lone Star state that he'd started singing, with a Baptist choir; an impressed choirmaster encouraged him to work on his talent to the point where he received a scholarship to college to study vocal performance. His tutors thought they were developing an opera star - but Buck's heart lay elsewhere:

“All through college, I would slip out and sing at open-mike nights in the bars until 1 or 2 in the morning. I loved this music. It was what I grew up with. My professors weren’t real happy about that.”

He was on his way to perform at a private event when the accident happened. He was struck on the side of Interstate 30 as he sought a milemarker to help him summon assistance for a blown tyre.

Buck's killer has been held on intoxicated manslaughter charges; a memorial fund has been established to help his widow, Amy Beth and his seven month-old son Walker. Details can be had from

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