Thursday, March 22, 2007

Clubobit: Ernie Woo

Sad news reaches us from Liverpool of the death of Ernie Woo.

Woo, immortalised in a Benny Profane song, was a central figure in the Liverpool music scene of the late 80s, first promoting bands at The Munro and then at his club, the wonderful and much-missed Cosmos club. Although only a going concern for a couple of years, and dominated inexplicably by an enormous mural of Jimmy Greaves, the club provided a home for gigs by an impressive number of bands, both local and touring. Benny Profane played a residency there; Jesse Garron and The Desperadoes did their only Liverpool date there; Mixies Men's singer stood on stage with his trousers round his ankles on the stage. A lot, if memory serves.

Woo was 80; a gig - The Importance of Being Ernie - is being organised in his memory.

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