Thursday, December 13, 2007

Katona in close-up

Kerry Katona is going to churn her life into a MTV reality series:

It will also shadow the face of frozen food firm Iceland as she launches a perfume and her first novel.

And it will chronicle her bitter custody fight with ex-husband Bryan McFadden, with whom she has two daughters.

A source said it was a chance for Kerry, who has fought drink and drug addictions and was diagnosed with manic depression, to answer her critics.

Hmm. Not entirely sure how selling your private life to a TV company - and selling out your kids by viewing a custody battle as a USP for a reality series rather than a serious determining moment in their lives - is an "answer" to the critics who suggest she's more interested in money and clinging to declining fame above those she supposedly cares about, but good luck with it, Kerry.