Monday, March 03, 2008

ITV's Guilt

We've said before that we don't feel comfortable with the concept of Guilty Pleasures, simultaneously patronising some great songs while suggesting that you should be ashamed of some music you like - that your taste can be, somehow, wrong.

Obviously, your taste can be wrong, judged from another perspective, but if you like that Dido song about being a hunter, why shouldn't you like it without feeling guilty? There are more than enough reasons for shame without making songs that make you happy part of them.

ITV's crack at turning Guilty Pleasures into a TV property is on this coming Sunday, and makes the idea even more confused. It's got KT Tunstall on it, for a start:

KT and fellow Scot Amy Macdonald are among eight acts who perform the songs they normally only sing in the shower on the show.

Amy, 20, who the Sunday Mail recently revealed is dating Aberdeen footballer Steve Lovell, performs Neil Diamond's 1971 hit Sweet Caroline.

It's perhaps only ITV who could conclude there's something more credible about Amy Macdonald than about Neil Diamond.


Simon said...

More questionable in terms of the Guilty Pleasures outreach, surely, is that Supergrass are doing Beat It. Not even Sean Rowley would suggest Michael Jackson's music has ever been regarded as a guilty pleasure.

Or maybe "watching a music show on prime-time ITV" is enough of a forbidden fruit in itself.

Anonymous said...

There's an awkward overlap with this show and Al Murray's Happy Hour - Each week the musical guest performs a Queen song. The idea of a whole programme consisting of current acts playing covers on primetime ITV now seems a bit old. Strangely, the same acts seem to appear on both shows too (Tunstall and the Feeling have both appeared on AMHH - Tunstall did a surprisingly good Hammer To Fall. I don't *think* I feel guilty for saying that...)

Chris Brown said...

Well I can think of ways that people might feel guilty about liking a Michael Jackson record, but not in the way that Rowley would have put it.

@James - What about the overlap with that Re:Covered thing that everybody used to get B-sides from about five years ago? Or that Danny Baker show where all the musical guests had to do a Beatles cover? Or that Australian one where they all did 'Stairway to Heaven'?

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