Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let's get lost: Chris Mills almost plays Manchester Psychogeography fest

Or the Second Accidental International Festival of Psychogeography, to give it the full name. Mills is playing a not-quite festival launch:

I'm delighted to present a really special gig as a pre-festival un psychogeographic but very splendid treat. NYCs finest Chris Mills plays the Britons Protection this Friday, 23rd May, 8pm. Support comes from the wonderful Liam Dullegan and Case Hardin... that's three top notch artists for just £5 AND there will of course be cake.

There aren't enough events which feature cake these day, although, frankly, you shouldn't need to be bribed with cake when then there's a Chris Mills gig on offer, either.

More on the festival itself at their website.


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