Sunday, May 04, 2008

You can't appreciate a master of the craft

Kanye West, you might imagine, is the sort of man who knows how to cope with hardship. A "if life gives you lemons, you have your lemon clean-up guy paged to get the fuck over and take care of these lemons" type of bloke.

A lukewarm review? It would be water off an expensive waterproof jacket with diamond buttons for him.

Not so. Entertainment Weekly could only find it in its heart to give him a B+ for his gig. Kanye wasn't happy. So much so, he blogged about it:

Yo, anybody that's not a fan; don't come to my show. For what?! To try and throw ya'll two cents in? Ya'll rated my album shitty and now ya'll come to the show and give it a B+. What's a B+ mean? I'm an extremist. It's either pass or fail! A+ or F-! You know what, fuck you and the whole fucking staff!!! I know I shouldn't dignify this with a comment, but the reviewer threw a jab at all the artists. I just wanna know when was the last time you enjoyed yourself. If you can't have fun and lose yourself at this tour it's a good chance you're a very miserable person. I actually feel sorry for you guys. Your job forces you to not have fun anymore. Grab a drink, holla at some nice girls, and party bitch!! You don't know shit about passion and art. You'll never gain credibility at this rate. You're fucking trash! I make art. You can't rate this. I'm a real person. I'm not a pop star. I don't care about anything but making great art. Never come 2 one of my shows ever again, you're not invited and if you see me...BOW!! This is not pop, it's pop art!

We love the way he worries about "dignifying" the review by reacting to it, although by that point he was already fucking the entire staff of the magazine.

There's also something curious about his insistence that you can only come to watch him if you're going to like it - how would you know before it starts? Would you have to leave halfway through if you think Kanye's starting to flag?

Still, Kanye's right - he's not a pop star. We're not quite sure what he is, but he's no pop star.

[Thanks to James P for the link]