Sunday, August 24, 2008

This week just gone

Pages that - according to Google Analytics, anyway - have a zero bounce rate (i.e. everyone who reads them moves on to at least one other page to read something else, before sending an email calling me a dick or whatever):

1. Radio One announces a four week "rest" for John Peel
2. Natalie Imbruglia announces marriage to Daniel Johns out of Silverchair
3. Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden relocate to New York
4. EMI admit Coldplay sales would be unaffected by leak
5. Kate Moss dumps Pete Doherty - the third time, we think it was
6. KT Tunstall doesn't mind women fancying her as it delights her boyfriend
7. Beatles song inspired by giant, rotting dead thing
8. People buy Kasabian to feel dirty
9. Joss Stone describes her accent as 'confused'
10. Sum 41 get political; worry their fans might not like it

These were the interesting releases:

The Week That Was - The Week That Was latest from the Field Music stable

Pivot - O Soundtrack My Heart

Stereolab - Chemical Chords

Dandy Warhols - Earth To Dandy Warhols

Vessels - White Fields And Open Devices

Bowerbirds - Hymns For A Dark Horse

Earlimart - Hymn And Her

Jaguar Love - Take Me To The Sea

Monkey - Journey To The West Off the Olympics and all

Gang Of Four - Songs Of The Free