Friday, May 06, 2005


Sick of being called everywhere they go, Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem are planning to start over by relocating to New York. Friends explain it all:

Brian felt it was time for a new start where no one knows them - or their past.

It's not clear why they've chosen New York, as virtually everywhere outside of Delta Goodrem's hometown would struggle to put a name to her face, and McFadden is slipping so quickly from people's minds he has to show ID to get into his own living room. Apparently, Delta believes that her career lies ahead of her in the US. Maybe if Jessica Simpson gets her own sitcom, and the standards are low, and there's a part for an aunt that doesn't require too much talking, and every actress in America is too busy with proper work, and the producers decide not to use a glove puppet.

We're sure the Australian Tourist Board will be delighted that Delta's very publicly chosen some place else.

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