Thursday, September 04, 2008

Noel on the road: What, no Ocean Colour Scene?

So, more from Noel Gallagher's exciting on-the-road blog. To kill time, Noel and his employees have been playing a game:

In the dressing room the traditional debate has started about “The Top 10”. This means the top 10 bands of all time.

The list, as you'd expect, is topped by the Beatles and suggests that no good work has been done musically since Gallagher passed through puberty:
1. The Beatles
2. The Rolling Stones
3. The Who
4. The Sex Pistols
5. The Kinks
6. The La’s
7. Pink Floyd
8. The Bee Gees
9. The Specials
10. Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac

By a strange coincidence, this is actually the same list of bands that Gordon Brown has suggested for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

There's no surprise here: if you have ever listened to an Oasis record, you'd already be aware that Noel hasn't apparently forged any emotional attachment to anything much recorded after the miner's strike.

The insight, though, is in the ground rules:
No solo artists allowed. No female artists allowed. No collectives allowed (Public Enemy etc.)

Oh, yes - you just know Public Enemy would be at the number one slot if only the rules allowed it. But no female artists allowed? What is this - a treehouse full of ten year old boys? Are they afraid of getting CD cooties? And shouldn't Rhoda Dakar make The Specials ineligible for inclusion - you know, just in case someone thinks that Noel is listening to GURLS music for GURLS.

We also get Noel's insight into US politics:
Manage to catch that Barrack Obama’s speech to the Democratic rally. Impressive stuff. Spellbinding in fact. Wish he was one of ours. Why do Americans believe they’re electing the president of THE WORLD though?

Ooh... could it be because of America's massive bloody great influence over vast swathes of the planet, do you think Noel? Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have bothered to suggest what was so impressive - nay, spellbinding - about Obama's speech; nor why he wishes that Britain had the chance to elect a centre-right politician (haven't we got enough of them already?). It's almost as if, you know, just wanted to say something so we'd know he was engaged... in the house... race for the house...
... must go to the White House... must...


Anonymous said...

The La's? Good grief!

The big surprise, for some, might be the inclusion of the Bee Gees. I doubt he means "Stayin' Alive" - he told Melody Maker in 1994 that "I always thought (the Bee Gees) were a load of old shite, but someone gave me a tape of their early stuff and it's brilliant".

Funny thing is, I actually *agree* with him about the early Bee Gees. I only wish he had in him to make a record like 'Odessa' ...

WE ARE said...

There's one good thing about Noel dragging his stumpy fingers over a keyboard to inflict his blog on the world; we see more of our little grey friend.

Chris Brown said...

I presume he's counting The Special AKA as a separate entity from The Specials (and wouldn't they break the "No Collectives" rule anyway?) as he's also specified *Peter Green's* Fleetwood Mac With No Girls In It.

And last I heard, the present Oasis Drummer was Chris Sharrock, who was of course a member of the La's. Did he recuse himself?

Olive said...

Thanks for biting the bullet and registering with OasisNet- I saw the list mentioned in the Guardian, but couldn't quite bring myself to register.
I guessed the top 4 correctly, but for some reason thought that the next 3 would be Stone Roses, Smiths, World Of Twist. Silly me.

The La's is hardly a surprise, is it? If anyone share's Gallagher's lumpen, unimaginative obsession with the '60's it's those fuckers.

Anonymous said...

What no Oasis on that top 10 list?!? Quite frankly, that's more surprising than anything.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how in this month's Q Noel claims not to use email or a computer, yet this week every dull thought that's passed through his head has been blogged about. Hmmm. Is this some kind of 'brand extension' to delay people from realising the next album is the same old turgid pub rock?

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