Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MTV Europe Music Awards: An apology

I might have given the impression during a post on No Rock And Roll Fun last Thursday that I somehow doubted the word of the spokesperson for the MTV Europe awards when he applauded the success of Rick Astley in the best act ever category.

"Rick's fans have obviously decided that he deserves recognition as a pop icon and no doubt they are determined to make sure he wins on the night," said the award show's producer Richard Godfrey.

I should like to apologise for the suggestion that, perhaps, MTV was having its leg pulled and trying to put a brave face on matters.

Indeed, the discovery of the automated voting program online and the amusing confession by the Los Angeles Times that they voted 961 times for Rick makes it clear that, in fact, Godfrey was right and it's nothing more than genuine Rick Astley fans building machines to ensure that he wins his deserved recognition. In no way has a badly-thought-out voting system left MTV with a choice of either clambering down with egg on its face and barring Rick's votes, or waiting until the evening of the vote and presenting the prize to Astley.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

As the guy who is running the site with the program on, I gotta say that MTV are doing their best to prevent the automatic voting systems from doing their bit.

We're up to I think the 7th iteration of the program in the last 3 days to show just how much they're trying.

The fact is, that the people of the Internet REALLY want this to happen (with or without our help) - it's a Pandora's box that has been opened and I think might be impossible to close.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Had the Chancellor not just apparently given all my money to prop up Barclays and LloydsTSB, I'd suggest we all invest in really gaming the system by hiring staff to vote constantly. It could be a brilliant job creation scheme...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

... at the same time, it's wonderful to picture the poor sods at MTV desperately, desperately trying to turn back your tide because the time and effort is apparently less frightful than admitting they've made a terrible mistake...

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