Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rav Singh and the Sugababes

Rav Singh might think that getting the Sugababes to guest-edit his column shows off how famous his chums are; it does rather leave the impression, though, that anyone could do what he does.

The other problem of having the people you're meant to be writing about actually doing the editing is that it draws the sting of the column more than a little. If you're a waspish horsefly hovering over the world of showbiz reporting on the secrets that the stars want hidden, how do you do that when the stars are hovering over you?

So the insights are hardly earth-shattering:

One of the tracks, No Can Do, has already got the thumbs up from their boyfriends. “We performed it for them last night and it went down well,” said Heidi. “They want it to be a single so we may release it.”

Heidi bought her mum a flat in Liverpool. She told me: “It’s just nice to give something back to the people who’ve supported us.”

Hold the front page.
The girls were also keen to scotch rumours of fights and that they are about to split.

“It’s simply not true,” says Amelle. “We all get on. There was one story that I was arguing with the girls at a fashion show recently and it was completely made up.

“So on the record, we are NOT splitting up and we are NOT fighting. End of.”

Point made—and with new single Girls about to hit the shelves, the Babes couldn’t be stronger.

Wow. Rav's such a great gossip columnist, it's like he's got the inside track to every PR company in the country.

Of course, this too-cosy relationship happens all the time, but normally you're left to read between the lines of, say, Gordon's fawning over the Gallaghers to discern it. How brave of Rav to actually run photos of his editorial being made to dance to a management company's line.