Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jackson: worse than the worst Location, Location, Location

Apparently Michael Jackson has decided he's not going to stay in his original mansion of choice (or second mansion, if you believe Gordon Smart) because it might scare his children:

WORRIED Michael Jackson has pulled out of renting a 28-bedroom mansion during his UK summer tour - because it is said to be haunted.

Jacko, 50, said he doesn't want ghosts frightening his children. He also feared 18th-century Foxbury Manor at Chislehurst, Kent, could not be made secure. He was about to pay a £1 million deposit for an an eight-month stay when he was shown a video made by aides and ruled it out.

Although the News Of The World might be headlining the 'ghost' angle, you'd have to suspect that it might be more the "cannot be made secure" aspect of the house that was the real deal-breaker here. (That, and "it's quite close to the main road, Kirstie...") Probably having every newspaper in the UK know where he was staying didn't help, either.
He is now looking at a mansion 15 miles away at Sevenoaks which is monitored by CCTV and guards and has no history of the paranormal.

Or at least, doesn't, until Jackson turns up, dragging his unquiet soul with him.

At this rate, he's going to end up in the Canterbury Travelodge.