Friday, June 26, 2009

Menu item: The death of Michael Jackson

The items covering the death of the vocalist on Quincy Jones' greatest album:

Monday 29th June
08.30 How did Gordon Smart's chart marching orders work out?

Sunday 28th June
20.25 Tory MP for Mid-Bedfordshire shares her wisdom
21.01 Q sorry for suggesting Jacko wouldn't manage 50 gigs at the O2
20.46 Mail On Sunday humiliates itself with plastication story
11.02 The Sunday papers play catch-up

Saturday 27th June
20.50 Perez Hilton knows it's all a stunt
20.10 The New York Times unpicks his finances
19.50 Towns claim Jacko as one of theirs
10.15 Eulogies: Robert Webb
09.50 Gordon in the morning: Campaign promise

Friday 26th June
19.07 Eulogies: Al Fayed
18.56 Eulogies: Chris Brown
18.30 Gennaro Castaldo: It's terrible, but oh, watch those CDs fly
14.15 Eulogies: Madonna, Macca, Dammers
08.10 Gellar, Ellen on Today
00.10 The Great Gambo on BBC News Channel

Thursday 25th June
23.10 Wikipedians declare Jacko dead
23.34 LA Times confirm the news
23.29 Reuters report his death; cite TMZ
22.10 TMZ report Jackson taken to hospital