Sunday, July 26, 2009

News of the World has decided that's enough mourning

The strain of trying to temper Jackson coverage to keep it respectful following his death has taken its toll on the News Of The World over past weeks. It's given up altogether now, splashing Jackson's nose all over today:

THIS shocking picture backs claims that Michael Jackson's nose FELL OFF after being ravaged by plastic surgery.

The picture - taken only weeks before the star died - shows him wearing his trademark shades and mask.

His facial contours are strangely flat and there is only a shadow where the tip of his nose should have been.

It's the News of the World, so it doesn't care that the picture doesn't show any such thing, and that there are plenty of other pictures which show the opposite, and if he had a false nose that worked well for that high-defintion final rehearsal, why would he go out with a mask rather than the nose in the shown photo, and... oh, maybe we should just let them get their stories from stealing people's private data. It might be less embarrassing to watch.