Sunday, July 26, 2009

This week just gone

The most-read stories about the Jackson family since the start of 2007 have been:

1. Janet Jackson's diet secrets - just four meals a day
2. Michael Jackson's "victim's diary"
3. Janet Jackson's nipple - half a million dollars cheaper
4. Michael Jackson re-records The Girl Is Mine
5. Michael Jackson album to be sold using modern advertising methods
6. Morrissey is the Michael Jackson its okay to like
7. Michael Jackson to be embalmed, according to a totally-made-up Mail story
8. US tabloids claim Jackson marries his nanny
9. Twitter tracks ticket sale meltdown in real time
10. Everyone wants the Jackson corpse

These were the interesting releases:

Naomi Sommers - Gentle As The Sun

download Gentle As The Sun

Kid British - It Was This Or Football

download It Was This Or Football

Earthling Society - Sci-Fi Hi-Fi

download Sci-Fi Hi-Fi

Billy Childish - Archive From 1959

download Archive From 1959

Seasick Steve - I Started Out With Nothin And I Still Got Most Of It Left

download I Started Out With...

Torchwood: Children Of Earth

Perfecting Sound Forever by Greg Milner

In The City: A Celebration Of London Music by Paul Du Noyer