Friday, August 15, 2008

NME breaking news: Michael Jackson album "to be marketed"

Unless I'm missing something, seems to have devoted a page to a breathless report about how they intend to market the latest Michael Jackson best of.

The headline, admittedly, did catch my attention:

Michael Jackson starts battle between Facebook, MySpace, Bebo users

Images were conjured up of some sort of final conflict to decide who controls web 2.0, but instead it turns out the headline should have read "amongst" rather than "between", as its about a widget you can use on those web 2.0 sites to have a competition at 'who is the best at dancing like Michael Jackson in some way'.

Even the PR team who have succeeded in getting this story on the NME site are going to be less than delighted, though, as it turns out the bloody thing isn't even available yet:
The Michael Jackson applications will be available from August 22, and will allow users from the rival networks to compete against each other.

Who actually sends out messages about their hoped-for viral campaigns which haven't even started yet? It's like running a story "Man shoots material for YouTube video; edit planned for sometime after the Olympics". Apart from anything, having shared the idea, it's likely there's going to be sixteen thousand knock-off Dance Like Jacko apps launched before the official one gets distributed.