Friday, August 15, 2008

Morrissey tells fans not to put their hands in their pockets

Morrissey's habit of criticising stuff released under his name is going to get him into trouble - surely he knows how much Morrissey hates even fair critcism?

His latest gripe is over the release of a DVD:

"The slapdash release of 'Morrissey Live At The Hollywood Bowl' is done by Warner without any consultation to me whatsoever, and is in breach of their terms as laid out by themselves in an agreement made for the film between Warner and my ex-manager.

"Being Warner, predictably the sleeve art is appalling. It is the work of cash-hounds, and I urge people NOT to buy it. I am not signed to Warner, and no royalties from this DVD will come to me. Please spend your money elsewhere. Thank you, MORRISSEY."

No royalties will come to him? Surely if that was the case, rather than issuing statements tutting at the choice of cover art, he should be getting on the phone and asking how come?

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