Friday, August 15, 2008

iTunes "too expensive"

Laurence Trifon is covering the Bandwidth digital music conference for Hypebot; they launched today by inviting four young people to talk about the way they collect music. Obviously, there's no reason to assume the four people they found are typical, but there's two interesting points:

# Several panelists admitted to downloading a lot of free music… but they don’t actually listen to much of repeatedly, if at all.
# All of the panelists have iPods, but none of them buy music from iTunes – they said it’s too expensive. A few said they occasionally buy CDs, and would be even more willing to buy CDs at shows where they might be able to get it signed by the artist, or find an exclusive release they couldn’t buy anywhere else.

I'm using the word interesting to mean 'stuff that reflects things I keep banging on about', of course.

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Billy said...

For the last couple of years it's been difficult to attend any digital-related conference without the obligatory panel of middle class kids being interviewed about their mp3 use. They're treated like visitors from another world, the audience get very excited and hang on to their every banal word.

Not sure why I'm leaving this as a comment but it just irritates me!

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