Friday, August 15, 2008

Nacho cheese

Noel Gallagher has made it clear that Oasis won't be playing the O2. He went onto the Chris Moyles Show to condemn the place as being a bit tacky and rubbishy and aimed at the lowest common denominator. Yes, he said that on the Chris Moyles Show:

"You'll see the O2 isn't in there," he pointed out to Chris Moyles on Radio 1. "The O2, it's too corporate! I went there for Led Zeppelin - it was good, but there were people walking around with nachos, it's not rock 'n' roll!"

Oh, god forbid that you should be able to get something to eat during four hours at a venue - it might stop you getting so drunk you decide to chant along with Champagne Supernova. And does Noel only intend to play venues without catering? Or that only sell stale pies? Is he scared of chips and salsa? Could that be it... scared...
... scared of chips and salsa...


Jack said...

He could always do a Morrissey and demand that venues stop selling food.

Anonymous said...

Actually Noel is right about this one. I went last year and a large section of the crowd did seem more concerned with going back and forth to the dozens of food outlets outside than watching the gig. No atmosphere in that place at all.

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