Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Christmas with the turkeys

A few days ago, Gordon was trilling that there was going to be a chart battle between Robbie Williams and whoeverwinsthexfactor for the Christmas number one.

Which makes it a bit strange that today he's announcing that George Michael is at the heart of the struggle:

GEORGE MICHAEL is the popstar who is saving Christmas - well, for the bookies at least.

Good old George is making the Xmas chart battle interesting for the first time in years by releasing December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas).

So... does that mean Williams getting involved doesn't make it interesting?
The former WHAM! star can take credit for penning Last Christmas, one of the finest festive tracks of all time.

... which stalled at number two.

And given that Michael hasn't bothered the number one slot since Fastlove in 1996, is his entry into the competition a bit like John McEnroe turning up for next year's Wimbledon with a bat rather than a microphone?

But hold on, because Christmas could get even worse:
I can also reveal that COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN has a belter of a Christmas song which has been burning a hole in his MacBook for more than 12 months now.

It should be pointed out that Martin has no plans to release this song.

Gordon, though, feels he should because he's had a Christmas number one before:
Chris gave us the last non-X Factor Christmas No 1...

Is your face as puzzled as mine as you try to remember Coldplay being number one at Christmas?
...with the reworked Band Aid single, Band Aid 20.

Does that really count?

I suppose that at least Smart's not suggesting we ring up Status Quo.