Monday, October 26, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Another chart battle stifling yawn

Given that the last Robbie Williams single stuttered to even beat Alexandra Burke, it's surprising that even Gordon views this as a battle:

ROBBIE WILLIAMS is launching a bold bid for the Christmas No1, going head to head with the eventual winner of the X Factor.

This is in much the same way as Angola really challenge Brazil and Italy to win the World Cup.

As we've observed before, Gordon seems to find it hard to distinguish between a genuine chart battle and two records coming out at roughly the same time.

Gordon also has one of those weird stories where the teaser turns out to have been written by someone who hasn't even bothered to read the story. At the front of Smart's section, there's this:
All round to Lily’s for Glasto

ALLEN loves festival so much she’s planning to build a country pad there with it’s [sic] own Yurt

So, Lily Allen's going to build a house of some sort at the site of the Glastonbury festival? Well, yes, if you define 'Glasto site' as being 'somewhere in the countryside'. Because the story itself (lifted from Q in the first place) actually says this:
Now she loves the festival so much she wants to build her own dream country pad with a Mongolian-style YURT, a tent like the ones she stays in at Glasto, bolted on to the side.

Thanks for explaining what a yurt is, Gordon. I just wish I hadn't had to google those other unusual words 'tent', 'festival' and 'willthisdo'.