Sunday, November 08, 2009

This week just gone

New Thrill! Alongside my actual Twittering at @norock, you can now have stuff from No Rock And Roll Fun itself flung automatically into your Twitter stream more-or-less as it happens. Follow @xrrf. Go on.

The most-read stories in October were:

1. R Kelly sex video. Yes, still.
2. RIP: Taylor Mitchell
3. Glastonbury Tickets updates
4. McFly (remember them?) try full frontal nudity
5. NME Awards 2009<
6. RIP: Stephen Gately
7. Lily Allen swaps her clothes under the sea
8. Eric Clapton needs surgery
9. Susan Boyle launches an album for gifting
10. RIP: Greg Ladanyi

As markets readied for Christmas, there was an outpouring of interesting new stuff

The Hidden Cameras - Origin: Orphan

download Origin: Orphan

Nouvelle Vague - Bande A Part

Deer Tick - Born On Flag Day

download Born On Flag Day

Luke Haines - 21st Century Man

download 21st Century Man

Brett Anderson - Slow Attack

download Slow Attack

Thea Gilmore - Strange Communion

download Strange Communion

I Am Kloot - B

download I Am Kloot Peel Sessions

Skunk Anansie - Smashes And Trashes

download Smashes And Trashes

Julian Casablancas - Phrazes For The Young

download Phrazes For The Young

Jackie DeShannon - You Won't Forget Me

download Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Queenadreena - Djin

download Djin