Thursday, April 08, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Picking up the bill

This morning, Gordon is fuming at a booking for N-Dubz:

N-DUBZ will share a stage with some of music's biggest names - from 1992.

DAPPY, FAZER and TULISA are joined by EAST 17, ASWAD and The One And Only CHESNEY HAWKES on the bill for the Willow Music Festival, near Faversham, Kent, on May 29 and 30.

Surely this isn't the first time that Gordon has noticed festivals tend to have a mix of acts drawn from different points in their careers?

Still, he's not happy:
It's not a booking you would expect from a band on the verge of cracking America.

Well, no. It's the sort of booking you'd expect from a festival looking for an act to keep the kiddies happy, though.
Dappy and Fazer could get tips on maintaining a healthy image from East 17 geezer BRIAN HARVEY.

And Tulisa could talk career longevity with Chesney.

Hahahahahahahaha. That's funny. Although, as Gordon has just pointed out, Hawkes is playing a gig in 2010, so clearly does have some insight into how you keep a career spinning.

Gordon has more about N-Dubz, though:
Meanwhile, Twitter technical bods are monitoring Tulisa's repeated swearing on the social networking site.

If she doesn't watch her tongue, her account could be disabled.

Another rap on the knuckles for the naughtiest band in the charts.

That's just - if you'll forgive the word - bollocks, isn't it, Gordon? Why would "technical bods" be monitoring swearing?

Perhaps Gordon is getting confused messages - you could imagine that the management who are guiding N-Dubz might ask their children's entertainers to watch the effing and jeffing, but Twitter? shows that there's a fair bit of rude daubings on Twitter.