Sunday, January 16, 2011

This week just gone

No Rock was ten years old this week - thanks to everyone who took the time to send comments and Tweets.

The most-read stories so far this year have been:

1. Right wing dunces try to turn neighbours on Billy Bragg
2. Ten years old. Did I mention that?
3. Radio One: No station for old men with guitars
4. RIP: Gerry Rafferty
5. HMV announces store closures
6. After 25 years, a Canadian notices the word 'faggot' in Money For Nothing
7. How big is the average music library?
8. MySpace cuts back
9. The XX remix Adele
10. Brits chill: Three years of James Corden

These were this week's interesting releases:

Wire - Red Barked Tree

Download Red Barked Tree

Lemuria - Pebble

Download Pebble

British Sea Power - Valhalla Dancehall

Download Valhalla Dancefloor

Suuns - Zeroes, QC

Download Zeroes, QC

Culture - At Joe Gibbs

Download At Joe Gibbs