Sunday, July 15, 2012

Far-right French party to sue Madonna

A couple of weeks ago, the Front National threatened to sue Madonna if she kept superimposing a swastika over the face of Marine Le Pen. Presumably they're such strict French nationalists they're appalled at the suggestion they'd need to import a symbol from another country.

Now, they're going to go ahead and sue:

[National Front vice-president Florian] Philippot said: "This is just another provocation in Madonna's world tour so that people will talk about her."
Well, thank god you didn't fall into that trap and draw attention to her, eh, Mr. Philippot?
"Marine Le Pen will defend not only her own honour but her supporters and the millions of National Front voters."
At this stage it's unclear if Madonna was also responsible for the Front National manifesto for the French elections appearing with Nazi-style symbolism all over it.