Thursday, December 21, 2006

2006Music: Valette

This year's collection of musical obituaries:

Sanders Barber Junior : Doo-Wop pioneer

Syd Barrett : Genius

Keith Bender : Man killed by Proof in nightclub shooting

Robert Broudie : Brother of Lightning Seeds' Ian

James Brown :Godfather of soul

Ruth Brown : R and B singer who fought Atlantic for a fair deal

Darren "Wiz" Brown : Lead singer with Mega City 4

Lumumba "Professor X" Carson : X-Clan rapper

Janette Carter : The last of The Carter Family

Ian Copeland : Promoter and brother of Stuart Copeland

Billy Cowsill : Cowsill Family member

Ivor Cutler : Genius

Brian "DJ Swing" Daley : Club DJ

Desmond Dekker : Reggae giant

Robert Dentith : Kerrang radio dj

Tara Devi : The Nightingale of Nepal

J Dilla : Rap producer

Sabine Dunser : Elis singer

Freddy Fender : Tjeano, country and gospel singer

Danny Flores : The "Tequila" man

King Floyd III : New Orleans based singer

Alan "Fluff" Freeman : Pick of the Pops and Rock Show presenter

Freddie Garrity : High-kicking leader of the Dreamers

Bruce Gary : The Knack drummer

Martin Gilks : Wonderstuff drummer

Lynden David Hall : Mobo-lauded soul singer

Lula Mae Hardaway : Songwriter and mother of Stevie Wonder

Bryan Harvey : House of Freaks guitarist

Joseph Hill : Culture singer

DeShaun "Proof" Holton : Eminem protege, D12 member and gunman

Johnny Jackson : Jackson Five (but unrelated) drummer

John Junkin : Writer and Beatles film co-star

Eugene Landy : Brian Wilson's psychiatrist and mis-advisor

Arthur Lee : Genius

Henry Lewy : Joni Mitchell's legendary engineer

Pio Leyva : Buena Vista Social Club singer

Peter Ling : Crossroads creator and Matt Munro songwriter

Arif Mardin : Producer and record company executive

Andy McGoldrick : Dirty Do-Goods guitarist, manager and club promoter

Kim McLagan : Model, wife of The Face's Ian McLagan and former wife of Keith Moon

Grant McLennan : Go-Betweens singer-songwriter

Dick Nolan : Canadian country singer overshadowed by early novelty hit

Tony Ogdon : Musician behind the World of Twist

Gordon Parks : Civil rights photographer and film score composer

Wilson Pickett : Soul legend

Jesse Pintado : Napalm Death guitarist

Gene Pitney : Singer now permanently 24 Hours From Tulsa

June Pointer : One of the Pointer Sisters

Billy Preston : Silky-smoothed voice singer

Israel Ramirez : Busta Rhymes' bodyguard

Lou Rawls : Gravelly-voiced singer and civil rights campaigner

Andy Richardson : Fan beaten to death trying to protect friends at a Korn gig

Jockey Shabalala : Ladysmith Black Mambazo singer

Charles Smith : Guitarist with Kool and The Gang

Quinshae Snead : Ashanti's assistant

Mark Spoon : German DJ

Nikki Sudden : Singer and former Swell Map

Alan Synter : Cavern Club founder

Joaquin Tavares : Faith and Disease keyboardist

Ali "Farka" Toure : Farmer and Malian legend

Tony Tyler : NME journalist

Paul Van Valkenburgh : Man who claimed to have written Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny... but hadn't

Phil Walden : Manager and founder of Capricorn Records

Paul Walters : Terry Wogan's producer

Vince Welnick : Last of the Grateful Dead keyboardists

Jack Wild : Teen idol, Artful Dodger and HR Pufnstuff's mate

Johnnie Wilder Junior : Gospel singer


Anonymous said...

Could I just take a quick moment here to add Desmond Briscoe to your list. He was one of the innovators behind the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. His efforts, as The Guardian obituary points out, "resulted ultimately in one of the most influential electronic music studios in the world, whose impact continues to be felt in both popular music and the music of film and television." Sadly his death doesn't seem to have warranted a mention on the BBC site.

Anonymous said...

None of the links work...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Ach... sorry, Eyetie... that's the problem of blogging on a strange machine. The smart quote option was switched on.

They work now. Or should, anyway.

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