Monday, April 17, 2006

R&BOBIT: Quinshae Snead

Quinshae Snead, cousin of and assistant to Ashanti, has been killed following a car crash in Johannesburg.

Snead's car was hit by a speeding vehicle; the driver of the other car has been arrested on suspicion of drunk-driving.

Ashanti's gig on Saturday was cancelled.


Anonymous said...

your cousin was a terrific accompanyer maybe u should of bang him Ashanti or do anything to stop the cayose going around. u r a bitch. you should have pussy fucked her Quinshae Snead.

Anonymous said...

to the comment above someone lost they life how could you say something like that? I dont know whats wrong with people!

Anonymous said...

Im unsure if anyone who had something to say know's Quinshae or Ashanti.I know them both and I am still hurt over the death of my little cousin. With that being said its not cool to say cruel things about people when they have lost of loved ones going on in there lives we all lost someone that was special if you havent you will and when the time comes for you then you will see surport is needed not that I care about outsiders surport but I do feel a way about disrespect towards my family. Know this people Quinshae has living siblings that are older and younger then her neices and nephews dont put classless things up for them to read please !!!!

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