Thursday, August 03, 2006


Kim McLagan, wife of Keith Moon and Ian McLagan of the Faces, has died in a car accident outside Austin, Texas.

Born Patsy Kerrigan she was initially raised on her family's rubber plantation in Malaysia. They returned, first living in Bournemouth and then moving on to London. McLagan was at the heart of London when a combination of coincidences gave the capital the appearance of swinging, and when she started to pick up modelling jobs, she changed her name to Kim to avoid confusion with Patti Boyd.

She met and married Keith Moon in 1966; her modelling career peaked the next year when she appeared in the live TV launch event for The Beatles' All You Need Is Love.

Moon was a far from ideal husband, beating and rowing with his wife throughout their time together. Eventually, Kim walked out on him, taking their daughter, Mandy. They divorced in 1975. Moon overdosed in 1978; in the same year, McLagan made a more successful second marriage to The Face's Ian McLagan.

The pair relocated to the US, first to LA and then to Smithville, Texas. Ian has made himself a role in the Austin music scene while Kim used her beautican talents to develop her own small business.

She is survived by Ian and her daughter Mandy.