Sunday, August 06, 2006

MANAGEROBIT: Andy McGoldrick

Guitarist, manager and club promoter Andy McGoldrick has died following an accident shortly before he was due on stage with The Dirty Do Goods, the band he also managed.

An apparent wiring fault caused McGoldrick to be electrocuted as he plugged in his guitar before a gig at the James Joyce pub in Kenton, Middlesex.

McGoldrick promoted the Indiescent night at the nearby Luminaire; the venue has arranged a tribute night in his memory.

Away from music, McGoldrick's day job was as a teacher working with "disadvantaged youth"; he was also familiar on the Gaelic Football and amateur soccer scenes.

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Chris Brown said...

That made the local papers when it happened actually.

Of course it's extremely sad when somebody dies in circumstances like that anyone, but somehow it seems even worse in a little place like that.

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