Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Darkness reforms

Earlier in the week, we had the prospect of a reunion falling apart before first rehearsal when Lee Roth and Van Halen called the whole thing off. Now, we've got a prospect of a band reuniting without actually having split, as The Darkness issue a flurry of press releases announcing they've reformed.

Reformed, although this is the same 'rest of the Darkness' left behind when Justin Hawkins quit, and who said back then they were keeping going. So we're not quite sure it counts as reforming - otherwise Oasis could say they've reformed when Liam Gallagher gets back from the cafe to spend ten minutes doing his vocals for an album.

It's hard to imagine the excitement a third Darkness album, only without the flamboyant one, will generate. We imagine HMV will already be wondering how to promote the release - can one do a cardboard cutout of someone nobody would recognise?