Saturday, April 21, 2007

Robbie Williams is not a verified source of information

People seeking to discover the truth about Robbie Williams had better steer clear of Wikipedia, as online monkeys have trashed his page. If Wikipedia is all about capturing the wisdom of crowds, it seems the crowds have it in for Williams.

Concerned friend Victoria Newton is on the case:

His entry on Internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia was temporarily defaced, changing the name of his former band Take That to TAKE SMACK.

The joker then added that Robbie should have had his "ass kicked" by Oasis while they were hanging out together.

This makes me suspect it could be the work of an Oasis fan - especially as the GALLAGHER brothers have long had a feud with the Robster.

An Oasis fan, you think? Well done for narrowing it down so expertly, Victoria.

Williams has also told Simon Cowell he was right, which is the last thing you should say to him:
"Simon was quoted as saying: 'Britney and Robbie just need to get their shit together and go spend a few weeks with their mothers.'

"He's usually right about things. He's probably right about that."

Although, to be honest, that sounds sarcastic to us rather than a wholehearted endorsement of the eye-rolling Cowell's position on Williams' mental health.


Simon said...

How slow a news day is it when 'Wikipedia entries for celebrities open to abuse' gets that much space, even allowing for it being Victoria Newton?

By the way, Simon, in case you've not seen it XRRF gets a namecheck in the Grauniad Guide today, and it's almost as good as that one on 6 Music a while back that seemed to think it was a rolling news service, as apparently "winning outbreak of sarky rock bulletins" and "33% extra Keith Allen's daughter" are other blog's concerns while you become some sort of Popjustice-lite.,,1240822,00.html

Anonymous said...

I'm more amazed that Victoria Newton knows what Wikipedia is. As they say, news sources of dubious value flock together.

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